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Short summary:

When Jo visits her brother in Paris for the summer of 1888, her experience is remarkable. Her brother is part of the Parisian artistic circle, and introduces Jo to Van Gogh brothers: Theo (a successful art dealer) and Vincent (a penniless artist).

Jo doesn’t want an ordinary life, but as a woman, she isn’t in the position to make that choice. When, she tries her artistic abilities, she starts discovering who she is and who she could possibly become, only to find out that she is being pushed into marriage by her mother.

Later, she inherits all of Vincent’s paintings and letters and strives for the world to understand him better through his art.


The story is written thoughtfully and carefully. It is a story of a remarkable woman, who, for most part, was unknown to the world until now. I strongly recommend this book to any reader, particularly up-coming female artists.


About the author:

Caroline Cauchi is an academic and international bestselling author who writes both historical fiction and experimental fiction.

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