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Short summary:

Amber, an oppressed, young athlete. Her mother, a help-less, traumatised woman. Her sister Ruby, a quiet, secretive girl. All brought up to believe they are worthless and a waste of space. Having to live a double life, forced into dissimulation.


When Amber runs, it’s the only time she feels free of her alcoholic dad and his terrible threats. However, her father soon cuts that off as well, after doing the same thing for even being seen with male friends. Hitting and scarring the mother, and daring to say he cares for them all.


Running is Amber’s rebellion. Learning how to read is her mothers. Forced to live hidden away until they’ve had enough. After fleeing their home and leaving everything they ever cared for behind, what will happen? How will they survive in this new world, when they know so little?


A story of bravery and courageousness, speaking the truth of many women around the world.  It explores many prevalent, real-world issues such as feminism, identity, poverty, class, friendship, family and the many forms of abuse. Recommended to anyone looking for verse books about the dramatic up-bringing of a girl.

About the author:

Manjeet Mann is an actress and author living in the UK. Some of her books include: "The Crossing" and "Run Rebel". 

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