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Short summary:

Corfu now. Corfu then.

Daphne, Flora’s grandmother has invited her to Corfu, to reveal her shocking past as she is scared that soon, she will pass away.


A life of taking risks, and many regrets.


Will Flora ever forgive her when she learns the whole story?


Daphne: A Jew and a relation to a Nazi fall in love, and flee to Corfu. Will the power of art ever be strong enough to keep them together?


Flora: The death of her husband leads her to a pit of regret and darkness. Will meeting a charming gentleman cover the empty space she feels?



A thrilling book that continuously transports you from darkness to light, from regret to hope. You will be mind-blown by how much a place can change in the span of less than 100 years.


About the author:

Patricia Wilson was born in Cheshire, but retired to Greece, where she renovated a dilapidated home. Some of her books include: “Island of Secrets” and “Greek Island Escape”

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