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Short summary:

A magical moment when Laurie faintly locks eyes with a stunning man through a misty window on a cold winter day changes her pre-determined ideology that love at first sight doesn’t exist.

She is sure that she has found the love of her life, so she scans and searches through every bus stop and café in London for a whole year.

He is nowhere to be seen, but just as Laurie is about to give up, she is introduced to him at a Christmas party.

Yet she now learns that Jack is her best friend’s boyfriend.

Friendships, love, hardships, failure and missed opportunities follow.

Where will fate lead them?


A bittersweet book about a cold and distant love story. I would recommend it to a romantic reader.

About the author:

Josie Silver is the author of her bestselling book “One Day in December”, “The Two Lives of Lydia Bird” and “One Night on the Island”.

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