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Short summary:

When the Vermeer couple visits Griet’s home, she is surprised by the amount of attention Johannes Vermeer paid her. She quickly realised being 17 means that her parents have decided to send her off, as a maid, to a respectable family, in order for her to be able to provide a fixed income for them.


Griet is thrown into a chaotic household, with pregnant Catharina Vermeer, and oblivious Maria Thins. They have many children, more mouths to feed each year, but their income only relies on the master’s paintings. And he makes 2-3 annually.


Meanwhile, Griet meets the butcher’s son, and instantly falls in love with him.


The master soon discovers the Griet is unlike any previous servant they had. She observes like a painter. Griet rapidly becomes intimate with her master, until he selects her to model for him.


Van Ruijven is a wealthy patron who usually gets what he expects. But when it comes to Griet, what will that entail?


The painting of the anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring has been a great enigma of art history, and this book is inspired by the long-lasting tale of what it actually entails.



This book is outstanding, as it perfectly creates an imaginative and creative story about a topic that has captivated people for years. You definitely have to read this!

Short summary:

Tracy Chevalier is an American-British author, known for her bestseller “Girl with a Pearl Earring” which has been adapted into a movie. She has also written: “The Last Runaway” and “New Boy”.

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