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Short summary:

Change. A scary word to Bea when her life is turned upside down. Suddenly her parents have a divorce, her week is divided in 2, her father comes out and she gets a sister. The only thing that gives her hope is her list of things that will not change. Things such as, her parents will love each other in a different way etc. However, the thing that Bea loves the most is that she will get what she always wanted, a sister! Even though she's never met Jesse's daughter, Sonia, Bea is sure that they'll be "just like sisters anywhere." At first, her relationship with Sonia (her sister) is awkward. Sonia gets homesick and doesn’t talk to her in the night. But soon does Bea know, Sonia is just adjusting and in a little while, they’ll be amazing! As the wedding day approaches, Bea will learn that making a new family brings questions, surprises, and joy.



An excellent book about the childhood of a typical young girl having to grow up too soon. Some painful things happen, but Stead writes about them with such a light, humorous and humane touch.


About the author:

Rebecca Stead is an American author of fiction for youth. Some of her books include: "When You Reach Me" and "Goodbye Stranger".

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