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Short summary:

The one thing seventeen-year old Maverick Carter knows is that a real man always takes care of his family. A son of a major gang’s previous leader, he does all he can do to help his mum by working two jobs. One legal, the other illegal. With a sneaky girlfriend and her over-protective cousin, Maverick’s life isn’t going perfectly. Suddenly, he finds out that he is a father, and is left alone to handle a baby. He can’t sleep, go out or do anything as a matter of fact. It’s not easy being the one other depend on. Getting money for food, electricity, water, clothes etc. Maverick wants to be the dad he never really has. And hen he’s offered the chance to go straight, he takes it. He starts working for his neighbour, Mr. Wright and gardens with Mrs. Wright looks after his baby (Seven). One day, his right-hand, his best friend, his “brother” dies. But when you have Kings blood, you seek revenge. So does Maverick, and is a breath away from killing the murderer. But he doesn’t do it. He is too scared. Only when another baby is on the way, he learns what it is like to be a real man.


A breath-taking sequel of the world-knows THUG by a complete legend now a days. Angie Thomas again created a masterpiece that every human should read.

About the author:

Angie Thomas is an American author, best know for her bestselling book "The Hate U Give". 

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