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Every day, Aidan Bishop embodies a new identity. 8 different bodies. Days on end.

Every day, Evelyn Hardcastle is murdered.


Yet before Aidan can save her, she is dead.


The only way for him to escape Blackheath forever is to identify the murderer, but there’s a twist…


Another murderer, the footman, is set to kill him.

Will Aidan report in the forest at 11pm, or will he forever remain in that torture?



This book is thrilling, and truly captivates the reader’s full attention. When reading it, the reader embodies a detective, trying to carefully select pieces of information and sort out the mystery. With horrifying twists and terrifying endings, you surely need to be aware of what’s to come. You must read this!


About the author:

Stuart Turton is a Sunday Times Bestselling author, whose first book, “The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle” won him the Costa Book Award in 2018.

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