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Short summary:

 Laura, Jo, Eve and India are best friends. On a birthday celebration in beautiful Manchester, they witness a terrifying accident, and they each deteriorate.

Laura and her race against the fertility clock.

Jo and her fights with her new boyfriend’s stuck-up daughter.

Eve and her anxiety regarding the new lump on her breast.

India and her trauma from one of the victims of the accident.

But through the highs and the lows, how will the girls survive?


A book about how complicated life and emotions are. As readers, we follow the paths of four young girls, yet there is a clear distinction between each one. Each character is written with clarity and detail, each story is important to read. I truly recommend this book to anyone looking for a romantic and adventurous book!

About the author:

Lucy Diamond is an English author, who has written many female lead fiction books such as: “The Beach Café”, “The House of New Beginnings” and “Anything Could Happen”.

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