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Short summary:

Charlie Davis is 17.

A traumatised girl who has lived calamitous experiences.

She has been raped. She nearly cut herself to death.


When her mum completely abandons her, she finds herself in an isolating place, where everything is bare, blank and empty.


Months pass and she struggles through the misery, reaching for past memories, for past friendships.


Until finally, she is forcefully let out. Her family can’t afford the treatment anymore.


When her whole life she has been is contrasting circumstances, how will she survive all alone?



A book that goes through the highs and lows of living a troubled life, and what self-harm itself entails. I would recommend this book to mature readers who are ready to tackle such a painful topic.


About the author:

Kathleen Glasgow is a bestselling author who has written many books including: “Girl in Pieces”, “How to Make Friends with the Dark” and “You’d Be Home Now”.

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