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Short summary:

A sequel to the bestselling book: “Wonder”, Auggie & Me explores the troubles of Auggie Pullman.

Julian; he has always felt uneasy with Auggie. But what happens when he spends a summer with his grandmother in Paris?

Christopher; Auggie’s forever friend, he is used to the challenges that come with that role.

Charlotte; she’s always been nice to Auggie, but is it ever enough?

Many people. Many stories. All friends with Auggie. Their lives will be changed forever.


A story of teenage nature; being spontaneous, bold, mean and nice. And everything else that comes with it. A story of accepting difference and uniqueness. This book is absolutely outstanding!

About the author:

R. J. Palacio is an American author and graphic designer, who has written many books for children including her bestseller “Wonder”.

A quote to think about:

As Clare Pooley said: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

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