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“With a jolt of surprise, Mahmoud realised this kind of thing did happen every day. Just not to them.”


Short summary:

Joseph; a Jewish boy, 1930, Nazi Germany, concentration camps.

Isabel; a Cuban girl, 1994, riots, and the glorious dream of America.


Mahmoud; a Syrian boy, 2015, war, violence, a complete catastrophe.


Different countries. Different times.


Yet they all have something in common.


All refugees. All searching to escape. All afraid. All will definitely face their nightmares on their journeys home, wherever that may be.



This book is excellent at giving you perspective on how war can completely destroy lives. We often focus on numbers, yet this book highlights the importance of talking about individual stories. I would recommend it to readers who are mature enough to explore harsh topics like war and violence.


About the author:

Alan Gratz is a New York Times bestselling author, having written 17 books, including: “Refugee”, “Prisoner B” and “Ground Zero”.


A quote to think about:

 HG Wells said: “If we don’t end war, war will end us.”

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