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The frontcover of the popular book "The School for Good Mothers" by Jessamine Chan.

Short summary:

Frida is an exasperated, single mother. With her fussy toddler Harriet and important work deadlines, she is forced to face harsh challenges.


Instinctively, she leaves to grab a file she left in the office.


Harriet is left unattended. But of course, she’ll be fine.


Until the neighbours hear Harriet shouting and crying for her mother, report her to the authorities, and the state concludes that Frida is not a capable mother.


So, she must be re-trained from the beginning. Harriet is immediately taken to her dad and his girlfriend, something which Frida is not exactly fond of.


All bad mothers must be re-educated. What will this mean for them? Or their children?


This book is very fascinating, and explores the foundations of motherhood. It challenges views, and although it could be slightly triggering at times, I think that it is vital for everyone to read it. 

About the author:

Jessamine Chan is an American author, who has studied at Columbia and Brown University. She has written the New York Times bestseller: "The School for Good Mothers".

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